How To Stake

  • The Gbet Online-Based Football Pools

    Gbet Online Limited known as fixed-odds pool betting, the publication of only 49 matches which is generally seen on all football pools board in England like special advance, chapter ten, and other pool forecasting papers like Soccer, capital, and Bob Morton published immediately after match end for the next week games, 

    Gbet online is 100% the same as the pool office you might have seen in your area where people forecast using forecasting paper which they can now stake their game by presenting it to the pool Clark who will now place the bet for them be it Nap or Permutation game after the pool Clark have placed your bet, you will see something written on ticket known as copy like Nap 3 from 3 or Perm 3 from 5 @ so so Naira unit with the amount written on it.

    Here at, you don't need to go to any pool office to stake your games again as you have it on your mobile phone where you simply register an account with us, enter all your detail during registration such as Name, phone number, and bank account detail for payment of winning then login to your successful register account, click on deposit to fund your account, after funding your account which is just 2 minutes process. 

    You as a staker are allowed to select only *TAP TO SELECT* 1 match as the minimum  and  19 matches as the maximum match selection 

    when you select 1 game it means Single

    when you select 2 games it means Close coupon or under 2

    when you select 3 games it means Nap

    when you select more than 3 it is known as PERMUTATION

    after entry, you are required to enter the amount, don't bother about the units or line this is done by the website automatically immediately after you click stake,

    Click on the dashboard or scroll down to click on ''MY PLACED BET'' There you will see your games, click on view to see the selection including the unit, amount, line, date, and status of the games, you can even cancel your games when you want to change the numbers you selected before.

    Your winning will reflect immediately after all 49 matches have ended you can withdraw your, money from your account to your bank account within a few minutes you will receive the fund 


    We have 49 matches and you are expected to get a minimum of 3 draws to win which will reflect immediately after all the 49 matches are played, most time matches start on Friday known as a void which is playable

    others can start on Saturday and till Monday

    the minimum amount you can stake is N100 on 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 or permutations of 4 to 19 games

    the minimum per unit you can enter is N0.1 to 5,000,000 which is  applicable when you select only 3 games


    Game Date

    The date(s) on which the Matches listed in a Match Listing are scheduled to be played at the time that the relevant Match Listing was released to TFP by its official results partner.

    The match will table will be disabled when it has already kicked off and canceling the game will not be able to go through


    Pools Panel

    A group of experts appointed by TFP to determine the Results of Matches that do not start on the Game Date set out in the relevant Match Listing.


    Cancellation of already staked games or bet coupon

    You are allowed to cancel your staked game anytime you like and it will refund your money back to your account immediately which you can use to stake again

    once any match has already Kick-off you will no longer be able to cancel your game again.




    Any amendment to these Rules will be notified online at the Website. A Customer's continued participation in the Game following such notification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the amended Rules.




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